The Last of Us S01E01

The Last of Us S01E01 The story takes place 20 years after a fungal virus destroyed human civilization. In this post-apocalyptic tale, major cities are bombed to slow the spread of a Cordyceps brain infection that spawns various monsters. In this case, humanity is just another enemy. Which our heroes have to deal with. While the rest of the cities are literally taken over by vegetation. Keeping sports fans happy is often a problem. And most video game adaptations end up being mediocre or sad attempts. But this does not apply to The Last of Us. Video game lovers need not worry. This series especially proves that. That the exception proves the rule. Many scenes remain virtually unchanged, but also expand Joel and Ellie’s worlds. We also have a lot of flashbacks here. Which might not work in the game. But here they are an essential part of the viewer, enriching the overall experience. Another great thing is that it doesn’t really matter that you play this video game. Because the creators have crafted a colorful and varied story without the lack of gameplay limiting us in any way. Flixtor is the best website to watch your favorite movie. You can watch the free movies here with no subscription.

Duration: 81 min


TMDb: 9.3