The Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power S01E06

“The Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power S01E06” As Galadriel desperately rallied allies in Numenor to carry the fight to the expanding forces of Evil in the Southlands, much of Rings of Power has so far been about a slow-burn wait for an eventual conflict. “Udûn” is finally about fulfilling that inevitable clash. The biggest action the program has yet to perform comes in this spectacular episode. It’s also largely extremely Lord of the Rings-like. It resembles Helm’s Deep from Rings of Powers in that Adar’s soldiers are getting ready to attack Bronwyn, Arondir, and the remaining refugees in Ostirith with the aid of humans who have joined them after fleeing in despair from their fellow Southlands people. Arondir has set up Ostirith’s watchtower to collapse, wiping out a portion of Adar’s collected army while the refugees retreat to defend their hamlet rather than a little, strange Elven watchtower, in an even more Rings-it twist. This is a conflict between untrained soldiers protecting their nation against an overwhelming, more powerful enemy threat—and, for the most part, succeeding—much like when the Rohan people faced the Uruk-Hai. The villagers made a valiant attempt, standing up to enormous evil and defeating it by using their inn as a gathering place for those who were unable to battle as well as a rallying point for the volunteer troops to fight with Bronwyn and Arondir. A free series streaming option is available on the Flixtor To site. Finding the movies and TV series you want to stream is now easier for you in HD.

Duration: 109 min


TMDb: 8.2