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Wednesday S01 You refuse to bully a high-school jock with just one testicle, as seen in this series. And here suddenly you are packed into a boarding school full of weirdos and outcasts. Here my heart goes out to young Wednesday Addams. Whose fate is met in the opening scenes of the latest Addams Family reinvention? There’s a Netflix series called Simply Wednesdays. In this, Ortega has one of the toughest acts to follow. In it, Christina Ricci would have defined the part in The Addams Family and then equally surely stepped up to the plate as the super-unengaged ur-goth girl in 1993’s Addams Family Values. First of all, Wednesday is now a teenager. Which means that there is no deadpan in it. Here the raucous reactions largely carry the same charge. Here because they come from a prepubertal. Second, he has to infuse it with some humanity so that it can grow into an eight-hour series, which is a horror story. And some murder mystery happens. But mostly it’s a coming-of-age story with the classic tropes of high-school dramas. Ricky plays the ineffectual role to perfection. But she is in the ensemble. And here only a few scenes at a time have to grab our attention. Here we have to keep Ortega with us in every way. Flixtor Movies is a free online film streaming service where you can watch movies in 4k HD quality.

Duration: 45 min


TMDb: 8.3