She Said 2022

“She Said 2022” In this movie true to its title, there is an act of listening to She Said. It crafts a journalistic thriller through dialogue. The film aims to focus on the voices of the women involved in this case at its core. It is completed by a series of thoughtful conversations. In it, Megan and Jody learn the extent of Weinstein’s rot in conversations with the victims. And in that conversation, they share their personal concerns about the matter. However, the most poignant interactions take place between Megan and Jody with their respective families, especially their children. In these, he avoids his work, trying to maintain a sense of normalcy. And which is often not shown in films focused on journalism. He exposes it there. A person is reporting on an event/topic. Which he himself has experienced. And shown covering the sexual allegations against Trump. Megan is threatened with rape. And later in the film when she is having lunch with Jodi. So there’s a mockery of both of them. Despite the recurring element of Megan and Jody interviewing the victims, the script remains tight. And journalists take on the responsibility of chronicling the past as they race to stop Weinstein in his tracks. Stream Free without any signup Hollywood movies and tv series online on Flixtor Films website for free in HD Quality.

Duration: 129 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.4