Strange World 2022

I recently watched a sneak peek of Strange World, the newest Disney Animation film. We did not see much, but what we did see was impressive. The cast was excellent, and the themes of familial relationships it addressed kept me interested. Then there was Splat, a cute little fellow, and a bunch of strange things. It is basically a mini-blob-like creature that makes friends with one of the major protagonists; it has no face or definition. Young Searcher Clade initially appears to us when his father, Jaeger Clade, is out on an expedition. Searcher tries to persuade his father that a peculiar plant he discovers might be the answer to their problems. Their home, which is encircled by impassible mountains, was experiencing growing problems. Jaeger, however, departed, leaving his son in the care of others. He never came back. Years later, we see that Searcher has changed the town’s way of life and brought power to it. But as an unknown threat threatens their world, he and his fellow explorer Callisto Mal must look for solutions. It results in strange environments and a sudden family reunion surrounded by adventure. On the Flixtor to website, you get to watch all movies and TV series without any membership in full 4K HD Quality for free.

Duration: 102 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.5