The Matrix Resurrections 2021

The main character cannot remember anything about the time when the war with the machines took place. But he is visited with enviable regularity by incomprehensible visions, which in fact are scraps of memories. Due to these events, Neo seems to be losing his mind. He turns to a psychotherapist for help, who prescribes blue pills for him. They must be taken every day. But Neo doesn’t stop seeing people from his past. One day, Trinity is on his way, played by the incomparable Carrie-Anne Moss, but the man does not recognize her. Everything will change dramatically when Morpheus reappears next to Neo. This will be the beginning of new adventures and confrontations between people and computer programs. Stream latest films of Hollywood on the Flixtor Movies website without pay nothing.

Duration: 148 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.7