Terror on the Prairie 2022

Gina Carano plays Hattie McAllister, a former urban woman who lives with her husband Jeb (Donald Cerrone), son Will (Rhys Becker), and a young daughter on a small farm in Montana. Homesteading in the middle of nowhere is no picnic, and Haiti has enough for this life. She insists on taking the children home to her family in St. Louis. The Jeb is left for several days to earn some money, leaving Haiti at home to look after the farm and protect her children. And he should protect when an outlaw is known as The Captain (Nick Searcy), and his crew Long Hair (Tyler Fischer), The Kid (Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis), and Gold Tooth (Heath Freeman) Come The captain’s arrival was pleasant at first, just asking for something to eat and drink. As such, hospitable Haiti offers them a moment to eat breakfast and relax. As she collects some eggs from the chicks, Haiti sees some human skulls hanging from the captain’s saddle. Realizing that this person is not good, with a shotgun, she orders the men to drop their weapons and leave their property. They’re gone, but you know they’re all coming back for revenge, starting a violent cat-and-mouse game that creates a lot of horror on the prairie. The new 2022 films from Flixtor Movies collections are published on the platform daily, bookmark it on your browser now.

Duration: 107 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.6