The Amazing Maurice 2022

With the aid of a gang of magical rats, a gormless boy named Keith, and a talking cat named Maurice—voiced by Hugh Laurie—we’re someplace in medieval Europe where he’s making money from the bubonic plague. After his rodent friends run hysterically through a village, ginger conman Maurice appears and offers to bring in the Pied Piper—for a steep price. The sound of gold coins signals the appearance of Keith, who is playing his flute and is dressed in a hoodie. He then displays directs the rats to a location where they can reassemble and plot their subsequent heist. Up until Maurice and his crew become caught in the Furry Bottom town, everything is going quite smoothly. There are many British celebrities in the voice cast. David Tennant and Gemma Arterton play entertaining rats, Rob Brydon plays the real Pied Piper, David Thewlis portrays a mystery villain, and Hugh Bonneville plays a clueless mayor. In spite of repeatedly breaking the fourth wall, Emilia Clarke voices both the story’s intrepid heroine and the narrator. Few young children will find her sardonic observations on clichés in screenwriting charming. Even while the subject material is admirably daring, one occasionally wonders how much the intended audience is responding to the meta-intertextuality. The Amazing Maurice, which premieres right before Christmas, is certain to make everyone in the family laugh, nod their heads, and enjoy themselves whether they see it at home or at the movies. Flixtor Movies is a free online movie streaming service where you can watch movies in 1080p HD quality.

Duration: 93 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.6