The Black Phone 2022

The Black Phone 2022 film is set in North Denver in 1978, which sounds like the ideal setting for a serial-killer thriller, especially since this era is undoubtedly tinted with a plethora of detail. Finney (Mason Thames) is a melancholy, long-haired 13-year-old hero who is participating in a Little League game. When he exits the game-winning home race, we witness teams take a step back, shake hands, and say “nice game, good game.” However, it has an old memory, at least in context. You’ve come to the correct place. Finney and Gwen, her younger sister (Madeleine McGraw). They appear to have had a recent epidemic: The Grabber took five youths, all lads, off the streets (Ethan Hawke). And, of course, Finney is up next. It hasn’t been long since he was kidnapped and imprisoned in Graber’s cell, a concrete bunker, soundproof and empty save for a dusty cot, with walls characterized by a hollow horizontal fissure that resembles a wound. The film’s core is Finney’s experience there and his attempts to escape it. Graber occasionally introduces himself to the youngster, warns him of the horrors to come, and feeds him, such as scrambled eggs that appear scarier than anything in the film. For all the latest updates about the new Hollywood Movies or TV Shows are available on the Flixtor 2022 website.

Duration: 102 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.3