The Good Nurse 2022

A hospital nurse efficiently but delicately inserts a bag of medication into an elderly woman’s IV to treat her allergic reaction. The woman closes her eyes, resting, while her husband snuggles his head on hers. There is a lot of faith in the nurse, their abilities, and the contents of the bag. That is ultimately what makes the Netflix crime drama The Good Nurse so unnerving. The Good Nurse lacks the verisimilitude of investigative elements typically found in true crime stories, such as the names of the towns in which Cullen works or even the agency that follows his trail. One detective claims to be from “homicide in the county prosecutor’s office over in New Jersey.” While the investigator is on the phone with a different jurisdiction, a folder regarding Cullen is produced, with a useful sticky note about a prescription medicine taped to the front. At such points, viewers who are familiar with the true crime genre (or a former cops reporter, like me) would be tempted to scoff. However, the producers are not thinking of making a typical police procedural. The Good Nurse is an intimate two-hander starring Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain that is more about trusting in people and a system that has consistently failed. The Flixtor Films site doesn’t ask you to do signup to watch the movie because all are here for free and to watch in full HD quality.

Duration: 121 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.1