The Mother 2023

The action-thriller “The Mother,” in which Jennifer Lopez plays a trained killer who is tasked with defending the daughter she abandoned, is titled “The Mother” and as one might expect, it is loaded with symbolism. F.B.I. agents question Lopez’s character, known only as the Mother, in the film’s opening scenes in an effort to learn more about two arms dealers she has dated and worked with. Agent Cruise shows consideration. She is informed by the second agent—the less effective one—in a hectoring monologue. Agent Cruise reassures the Mother that she is secure in the action-packed movie by Niki Caro. “No, I’m not,” she replies. Who’s right, you ask? There is mayhem, and in a shocking act of quick brutality, we discover the mother is expecting. The mother retreats to Alaska where their comrade soldier Jons has her back after the baby, Zoe, is given to a loving family. The Mother and child have been protected by this arrangement for 12 years when Agent Cruise contacts them to inform them that Zoe Adrian Lovell and Hector Alvarez, the Mother’s previous partners, have been located. A nasty-smooth piece of work, Lovell. When the plot moves to Cuba, Bernal indulges in some candlelight savagery similar to Alvarez. What sort of opposition will the men face? The Mother received sniper training in Afghanistan from Lovell. She can also manipulate a blade. Mother Nature should not be tampered with. Lopez portrays the angry character, with the exception of a few wry interactions between the Mother and Zoe. Even so, it’s not always obvious which actions in the movie are meant to be taken seriously and which ones serve as an allegory about a birth mother’s sacrifice while parodying the masculine posturing of the genre. Enjoy the Latest 2023 Action Movies in HD quality on the Flixtor website with just one click.

Duration: 115

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.5