The Pale Blue Eye 2023

“The Pale Blue Eye”, written and directed by Scott Cooper, is set in 1830 New York’s rougher-than-today Hudson Valley. Starring her frequent collaborator Christian Bale, she is totally obsessed with mid-winter. Masanobu Takayanagi’s cinerama occasionally reproduces a gorgeous kind of grayscale. Which are broken by the brightness of the blue water and the blue uniforms of the cadets of the West Point Military Academy. Which are then fledgling institutions. In which most of the action of the story is determined. And the coolness definitely fits the story. At the academy, there is a cadet named Fry. Not only dead are found. By hanging, it is supposed to be the first. But his heart is cut out. Terrified overseers of the school, feared a scandal that could give the place a death blow. A retired lawyer is appointed for investigation. Augustus Lander, played by Bell, is a solitary “cottager”. A widower whose adult daughter didn’t leave his house until a few years ago. He likes to drink alcohol. She has a partner with a warm-hearted tavern owner. And in spite of her dry intellect, she suffers from sadness. He is believed to have once obtained a confession from a criminal using nothing more than a “piercing glance”. You can freely access thousands of movies here, including TV shows and documentaries on Flixtor Movies Website. Watch the latest English Films and series in HD Without any signup.

Duration: 128 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.7