The Red Book Ritual 2022

3 friends decide to play the paranormal game “The Red Book Ritual”. But they don’t know that a witch must have died long ago in this house as part of a satanic ritual. Now every question they ask all souls. Bringing them closer and closer to him and that evil. who was waiting to appear before him? In this game, the winners win and the losers die. The Red Book ritual continues like this for its entire run time. Only the first three of the five stories turn black. Something similar happens with wraparounds as well. Not helping matters is the lack of connection between either story. The game is being played in the actual movie. But even this is not compatible. The first story is just a random story. Which is said to scare one of the friends, while the other is just beginning. That’s what makes it particularly frustrating. That is, the film does so many things well. It takes some time for things to move forward. But some big jump scares also go away. Near Little One there is a massive construction that was completely ruined. Visitors can find a wide range of collections of movies at their fingertips on Flixtor, Without any membership free of cost In HD Quality Online.

Duration: 82 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.7