The Skeleton’s Compass 2022

In the movie, you will get to show how a little boy tries to save her house. After you find a skeleton and a compass in the woods a group of middle school friends goes in search of a treasure trove of all the gold. At the beginning of the movie, the summer season is going on in Champ (Luke Lovelace). And due to the lack of work for Champ’s father, he was forced to sell his house and property a lot. The house which his family has been living there for many generations. The champ doesn’t even want to leave his friends. And he is very upset. The champ goes for a walk and roams in the forest with his friend. There they find a skeleton and a compass and a magazine key. In that magazine, it is written in search of gold. They all go there to search. who promises to take them to a piece of gold. He goes to find the gold in time to stop the sale to Champ and his friends as his family and home are at risk. In this movie, I can see most of the kids enjoying it. It could be too young for the middle school crowd and too good for the teens. Hollywood films of the highest caliber are available to watch on the Flixtor Films website. It’s quite easy to stream free movies and Tv series on our website.

Duration: 81 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.0