The Summoned 2022

Elijah Moulton (J. Quinton Johnson) is not successful. According to his girlfriend Joplyn Rose (Emma Fitzpatrick), he is a capable lyricist and shows that he can sing, but he is humble about it and enjoys his job as a mechanic. He seems to find comfort in ​​being simple, but at Stauffer House, he is the strangest. This is because this unique therapy resort which Lynn has brought to her as a plus one is usually used only by rich and famous people. Joplyn herself is a Joplinger songwriter, with a rapidly growing fan base and a growing lucrative career. At home, they meet Joe Agrippa (Salvador Chacon), a successful entrepreneur who, over time, will offer Elijah a deal that may seem like a long time coming. Then actress Tara Grandier (Angela Gulner), who turns out to be one of Joe’s ex-wives, insists that she will try to seduce Lynn, and starts hitting Elijah herself. All those mysterious therapy gurus. There’s a look at Dr. Justus Frost (Frederick Stuart), whose bizarre ways fit California’s hippie paradigm but does he depend on anything else? Most of the visitors here are looking for all episodes of Top ratting and trending Web shows, you can enjoy them on Flixtor TV Series now.

Duration: 86 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.0