The Swimmers 2022

The boring beginning of “The Swimmers 2022” abruptly shifts to 2015. In this the girls, Yusra and Sara are now grown up. And the two are torn between enjoying their youth in the face of death and destruction and focusing on their swimming careers. Where when the war of his country cannot be ignored. In this, they decide to brave the treacherous migration to Europe. This is because millions of fellow refugees have done it. Then against all odds, Yusra continues to fight for his dream of swimming in the Olympics. It is based on the true story of Yusra and Sara Mardini. It contains Sally El Hosseini’s “The Swimmers” a touching portrait of their fight to achieve and achieve the impossible. Thus the script written by El Hosseini and Jack Thorne would not have softened the dangers or hardships the sisters face on their trek to Germany. While still keeping its central characters grounded in hope and reality. Here both the sisters used to argue. Makes mistakes. And is very hard on himself. However, that is what makes his tale so captivating. He has his share. Here they are regular teenagers. Which would have been thrown in exceptional circumstances. While most focus on the journey of the young woman. “The Swimmers” sometimes broadens the scope of its emotional personal story. So that the widespread humanitarian crisis facing the migrants to date can be observed. You are to watch everything online for free on the Flixtor site Simply selects the movie you wish to watch in HD.

Duration: 134 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.4