The Time Capsule 2022

Returning from a failed mission, a politician is forced to contemplate what might happen when his high school girlfriend returns from “The Time Capsule”, a 20-year space trip. It’s a sad, upbeat, and totally cool romantic drama that could use a little more romance and a lot more drama in a story that undercuts science fiction and almost everything else. I really like the concept of this movie – when your high school sweetheart comes back after 20 years, she’s not even a day old while you’re a married politician. Can your first love rekindle under these circumstances? Set in the near future it’s a romance on the side which I really want to be in life. After losing the recent senatorial election, Jack decides to get away with it by moving his wife Maggie to their family cottage in the woods. While there, Jack learns from his friend Patrice that his high school girlfriend Alice is back. She left for space travel with her father 20 years ago. A man who never liked Jack. Being at a crossroads in her own life and meet again, Alice sends Jack into a tailspin. He no longer knows what he wants. Flixtor 2022 has lots of movies to watch the latest 2022 movies. Thousands of users come here daily to watch movies for free and without any signup, You too come and take a look.

Duration: 105 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6