The Wonder 2022

In Sebastián Lelio’s unsettling and outlandish period drama The Wonder, there is a perplexing opening frame that leads us in an unexpected direction, a jump that is taken into the present rather than the past, and from behind rather than from within the scenes. Niamh Algar’s calming voice informs us that although we are watching a movie, the characters think that their reality is real as the story opens on a movie set, a constructed environment. It’s an awfully pretentious and ultimately unsatisfying opening move, a fourth wall-buster that seems to have been produced by someone who doesn’t believe in the impact of the movie it comes before. “Fasting girls” of the Victorian era, who allegedly discovered ways to go without food for extended periods of time, served as inspiration. In a time when people of the latter camp were predominating the conversation, The Wonder exploits its medically implausible idea to pose concerns about fact vs. faith. It is a grim, slow-burn thriller. Pugh’s nurse firmly believes in the former and makes a steady effort to respect others who think it to be a divine intervention. Watch Free Movies and TV shows without signup On Flixtor. Flixtor Free Movies website simple to use across a wide range of devices.

Duration: 108 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.7