They/Them 2022

Everyone at Whistler’s camp gathers around to see the bodies. The mysterious figure strikes Cora (Carrie Preston). Alexandra (Quei Tann) leads the younger members out of the camp. The mysterious figure reveals herself to be Molly (Anna Chlumsky). Her real name is Angie Phelps. The adult he killed one night was Molly. Angie attended the Whistler camp and was tortured at an early age. He made it his mission to shut down every conversion camp in existence. Angie attacks Owen Whistler (Kevin Bacon) but is unable to gain the upper hand. Jordan (Theo Germaine) takes Owen’s gun but does not fire, giving Angie time to kill Owen. Angie tries to talk Jordan into helping her but he refuses. Angie is arrested by the police. The group agrees to live its full life. The Site Flixtor Movies has created its popularity among the viewers in very short time, here you are getting most demanded Hollywood Movies and TV Shows Online.

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.4