Triangle of Sadness 2022

“Triangle of Sadness” is one of the year’s best films. It’s a brutal satire that ranges from comedic deadpan subtlety to raucous and outrageous slapstick imagery. It’s brilliant and there’s the occasional laugh-out-loud funny here and there – and then together comes change. Here Ostlund begins the film as a satire of the fashion industry. In it, Harris Dickinson plays Carl, a male model, and in the opening moments, we see him in a room full of other models. Which is teased and encouraged by a coach in it. In how they have to pose. It’s a smile for H&M. Because here everyone is happy that these clothes are cheap. And it’s screaming for Balenciaga. So that the consumers here can feel that they are very rare. and are broken to bear the brand. This is such a fun standalone scene. And after that here’s another cool scene. Karl happens to be in a restaurant with his fashion-model girlfriend, Yaya. This includes cheques; She slides them his way and says “thanks, honey,” even though she makes a lot more money than him. Watch Flixtor 2022 released Movies and Tv Series online for free in HD quality.

Duration: 147 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.9