Umma 2022

Umma (MeeWha Alana Lee) does not have a giant red panda, she seeks a similar relationship between mother and daughter. Oh, Amanda (Sandra Oh) is in the headlines for being a Korean immigrant who has severed ties with her old life and sent her daughter to school in rural America. Despite their close bond, Amanda has no sympathy for Chris (Fivel Stewart)’s desire to go to college. Instead, she wants Chris to stay home and work on her farm together. Amanda has not only been cut off from most parts of society on her solitary bee farm, but she has also banned all technology due to “allergic reactions”. However, when her mother’s bones were donated by her uncle Mr. Kang (Tom Yi) whom she called Umma, strange things began to happen. We learn that Amanda is not allergic to technology she was electrocuted by her mother-in-law. This, and many other tragic secrets that come to the surface when the bones are present, force Amanda to face the childhood she was buried in. Uma’s ghost, along with other tormenting spirits, plagues Amanda’s house, as well as a kumiho that eats all their chickens. Umma is angry at Amanda for ignoring her culture, especially after raising her in a foreign country without any help. When Amanda tries to bury the urn, Umma keeps it with her. Through Amanda’s body, Umma performs the ritual she always wanted, wearing a mask and a handbag. When Chrissy finds her mother, Amanda attacks her, but Chris manages to escape easily. Amanda then decides to confront her mother-in-law, explaining how she understands the struggle to raise a single child in a non-native country, but she doesn’t make excuses for the abuse. You must be interested in watching the latest or trending web series all episodes on a single platform, you should try Flixtor TV Shows once for watching them online.

Duration: 83 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.7