Unhuman 2022

With his sweetheart, Tamra (Ali Gallo), the once-sporty Bullies Danny (Uriah Shelton), Hunt (C.J. LeBlanc), and the lonely Randall (Benjamin Wadsworth), and Steven (Drew Scheid) represent each social category. She boards the bus. The expedition sets off for an extra-credit desert excursion, supervised by a warring instructor named Mr. Lorenzo (Peter Giles). However, on the way there, the bus was hit by something that splattered blood on the windshield and led the driver to bend down a wooded slope. Due to a widespread chemical assault, an emergency broadcast directed people to a nearby shelter at one point. Take a look at the undead biker banging on the bus door. Teenagers get terrified, and zombies prey on some of them. Others seek refuge in an old ramshackle structure. Everyone shouts, and one of them slams against the camera lens. Most Hollywood Movie Lovers are known by the name Flixtor, it is the best alternative to most of the top-ranking platforms on the internet.

Duration: 87 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.1