I Came By 2022

It opens with graffiti artists Toby Nealey (George Mackay) and Jameel ‘Jay’ Agassi (Percelle Ascott) planning to tag the house of a wealthy retired lawyer Hector Blake (Hugh Bonneville). The couple sees themselves as activists rebelling against the aristocracy. But when Jay quits his job to support his growing family, Toby works alone. However, a shocking discovery in the lawyer’s house surprises him. To say more about where things go here would spoil the fun; A large part of the entertainment comes from the many unexpected twists and turns the script takes as it approaches its final surprise, building suspense as it goes. It is in its thematic substance that this thriller falls short. Babak Anvari and co-author Namsi Khan seek to draw attention to the power relations between the elite and the working classes and where these divisions blur. For example, Toby has devoted his youth to resisting authority, but comes from a wealthy home and, as his mother Lizzie Nealey (Kelly Macdonald) tells him, has failed at every attempt, more than a week’s job. Unable keep The authors similarly acknowledge immigration and ask when social action becomes meaningful, although they are unable to convincingly link these ideas so that they add significant weight to the ongoing narrative. FMovies is the biggest free platform in the world for enjoying the latest and old Hollywood movie titles free.

Duration: 110 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.9