Where the Crawdads Sing 2022

Later, Chase is found dead under a fire tower from which he fell. The tower is located in a wet and muddy marsh that floods at high tide. The killer’s tracks were not located in the surrounding region, and no fingerprints were found on the tower. A shell necklace Kya had given her was missing from her body, and she was wearing it on the evening of her death. The next day, Kya is charged with first-degree murder and hounded by the overzealous and suspicious townspeople. Despite the information that Kaya was in Greenville to meet with a book publisher, police still speculate that she disguised herself and took a quick, round-trip, overnight bus tour to Barclay Cove and the fire tower. done The police have little evidence other than the fisherman’s testimony, as well as the missing necklace, their own unproven theory, and no strong case, so he was found not guilty at his trial in 1970. Although Kia and Tate never formally married, they remain together as loving partners. Over the years, Kaya published more illustrated books about local nature and was visited frequently by Jody and her family. After her death in the mid-70s, Tate found the missing necklace in a diary she had hidden away. It was the only evidence that could convict him. Tate then releases the throat shell into the water, forever hiding Kaya’s secret in her beloved swamp. The New Collection of Flixtor Full Movies is having most awaited movies for you, to visit and enjoy Online.

Duration: 125 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.1