White Noise 2022

“White Noise 2022” is Noah Baumbach’s terrifyingly stylish film adaptation of his 1985 novel by Don DeLillo. There is a deadpan comedy of mayhem. Which is a meditation on Western prosperity and its discontents, its anxieties, its intellectual gratification. It is a sensual apocalyptic faith. Which is founded on the assumption that nothing can actually go wrong. It could happen, it could happen. That our preoccupation with ecological disaster is not in the service of rational pre-emptive measures. Rather irrational occult fears are played as supernatural immunizations against death. In this, the fiery and witty novella of DeLillo’s ideas would have been starved by filmmakers for nearly 40 years. This Baumbach in his tremendously elegant and sure adaptation has landed a large white whale. His film not only adds to the richness of the book as a period piece. Which talks about the modern contemporaneity of postmodernism on the American campus. Rather, how farsighted it is about the fear of the present time. Enjoy the Latest Movies and TV Shows free in HD on the Flixtor 2022 Category with just one click.

Duration: 136 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6