Wolf Hound 2022

Wolfhound, based on the real-life Nazi program KG 200, relates the story of a Judeo-American pilot who died behind enemy lines. He must beat a powerful foe, liberate his captive crew, and stop a conspiracy that might shift the direction of the war with his brains and little more than a sidearm. “Wolfhound” took place in 1944 in German-occupied France and was the son of a Judeo-American combat pilot, and was inspired by the real-life German Special Operations Unit KG 200, which shot down, repaired, and flew allied aircraft in the guise of Trojan horses. Follows daring activities. Holden must sneak inside enemy lines to rescue the crew of a captive B-17 flying fort, evade being chased at every step by a merciless opponent, and disrupt a conspiracy. Which might drastically alter the result of World War II. You will be excited to know that FMovies Co has now come back with lots of exciting Movies and TV Shows.

Duration: 130 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.6