Your Christmas or Mine? 2022

So “James” and his girlfriend “Hayley” are saying goodbye before going to their respective families for Christmas. This happens only when they are on different trains. That they realize that they will be together. So – without telling each other – they board the other’s train. Here the next thing, she reaches out to him. And he reaches to him and now whatever comes in front of him. It is a light-hearted tale that captures the joy and pain of the season in a charming way. It turns out that neither has been completely honest with the other or with their families. But could it be all right for Turkey? The story is completely fictional. And almost every Christmas stereotype is included. Which you can imagine. But there are some fun contributions from Daniel Mayes, David Bradley, Dame Harriet Walter, and Angela Griffin. Which helps to pass this ninety minutes adequately. Lots of ice, a few glasses of mulled wine, and a dog called “Peanut”. What Doesn’t Like No, you won’t remember it afterward – even if you haven’t had a drink – but this is one of those movies that makes you reach for another mince pie this time of year. And indeed these celebrations are at the better end of television. Flixtormovies website is a Free movie streaming site with zero ads. We let you watch Hollywood films and Tv series online without having to member.

Duration: 95 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4